Dear God

Dear God,

Give me confidence and courage

Give me harmony and hope

Give me the strength to hold onto

The knot I tied at the end of this rope

That I made sure to secure tightly to whatever love I found

And was sure came from You

Not the temple’s written pedigree

Before climbing through a stained glass pane

And scaling the church walls

I don’t know if You are really there

Or listening,

But please

I have been dangling

Though I haven’t looked down to see

How far the fall may be

Letting go may or may not land me on my feet

And I fear the latter

So here I will hang below Your throne

Contemplating all that is unknown

Until I feel You move my bones

SW 05/2018


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  1. Matt says:

    I can’t work out if I see this as a prayer or a suicide note :/
    How can it be so perfectly poised between the two?!
    A truly exceptional piece of writing.

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  2. shllyn says:

    I definitely feel like it is both as well. Not so much a life ending suicide note but a religious suicide. I feel as if I am praying and threatening to leave God and all that seems meaningful unless shown some kind of hope.

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  3. shllyn says:

    And thank you so much, Matt! You always have such insightful perspectives.

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  4. Matt says:

    I do? 😀

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  5. shllyn says:

    Absolutely. I had a vague idea of what I felt but you read it and put it into words that helped me discover another meaning behind my own writing. Your writing is also so inspiring. I am amazed at how much you have in that head and how much you have allowed the world to see what’s inside. It is no small feat to open up and shout what you think into what seems like a void.

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  6. Matt says:

    Well, thank you 🙂
    I found that shouting into the void is so much better than shouting within my own head. Mainly because it means I no longer need to listen…

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  7. This is truly beautiful.

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  8. shllyn says:

    Thank you so much

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  9. Thanks for the poem and the conversation with those who comment. I love your words to Matt. I find that refined. Bravo!

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  10. Thanks for the poem and the conversation with Matt. Beautiful way of expressing your thoughts. Bravo!

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  11. A celestial petition
    worthy in the asking.
    The King of everything
    is always listening.

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  12. I like this very much. I love that last line.

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  13. shllyn says:

    Thank you!


  14. Tiffany M says:

    @shllyn, God is real and alive. He is there and He will never leave you. If He ‘left’ you then He would be going against His very nature.


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