There’s Money in the Walls // Listener

It’s been 30 days, maybe 34
since I left my house, tossed and grown out
the fires burn below
the pistons creak and groan
under my feet, the tension grows
built up like the leaves around my door
they can say it better than I can
after months of neglect
I can start over again if I would just let it
this is how we live when we live somewhere
with quiet nights inside,
making plans to make a life
To keep it all safe inside and outside
dear anyone, do you know what that’s like
remembering all of it
our building pieces, stacked on top
hanging over each other and packed in
Keep it simple, keep it

When you don’t go on; your song lives on
When I don’t go on

the channel turns against the keel
there’s no turning back
thumbing my buttons nervously
in my bed, under cold sheets
hiding the thunder inside of me
my young wife made this shirt,
I’m turning in the surf
with my hat in my hand and my feet off the ground at least it’s a start

If it has to be I’ll starve on my own payroll 
trying to make living better, 
I think that was the goal 

the oil moves, feeds the machine,
the pressure builds
the war outside is rattling,
pushing smoke out past the rings
my hearts been dreaming about sparks
this heavy pull, is strengthening,
my last resolve
it’s all burnt up, the fire’s gone,
you can have it all
an early morning calls,
and I’m not there to start
my watch is on the table, ticking in the dark

there’s money in the walls of my heart 
and I left it there for you 
even If it all has to end 
I’m still glad you were my friend. 

may it cure what ails you and never fail you
three fingers in the wind.
yeah, three fingers in the wind.

When you don’t go on, your song lives on
When I don’t go on, sing along me
your song lives on, our song lives on
I’ll sing along with you, so sing along with me



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  1. Thankyou for liking my post. I am an aspiring short story writer similar to you. You are a really deep and emotional person, I must admit. Very beautifully written.


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